Getting It Right


I read an article about a comedian who had recently passed away.  I had worked with this comedian before, but truth be told, I never really liked him.  Why?  He wasn’t all that nice.  Plain and simple.  And I don’t mean on stage.  I mean off.  On stage you can be however you like and I LOVE a cantankerous motherfecker on stage.  But, if you’re still an a-hole off stage – in every minute that you walk around in life – you’re not high on my list of cool people.  This guy was like that.  He was a provocateur every second of everyday.  It was exhausting.


However, I did glean one cool thing from the article and it ended up being an odd similarity between myself and Mr. Instigator comic.  He had a code.  Now, his code might have been – “be an a-hole at all times to lead yourself and others towards self discovery whether they want a self discovery or not.”  But, it was a code nonetheless.


Yep, I just said code, as if we are all knights of the round table.  But, it’s true whether you wear armor and dance around like some kind of nut at a medieval fair or not, you need a code.  I think you need a code for your art and your life.


You must know what you are fighting for. (There’s even a lady-knight in there. See if you can find her.)


I believe that I had a loose sort of “code” for this blog and that’s why it has worked for me.  My blog code was very simple when I started.  It was and still is this:


  • write creatively, every, single day FOR ME.  just for me.
  • do NOT get involved in coding and design.  have the blog look good, but don’t go further than that.
  • find a community who ONLY knows me for my writing – thus my alias, Sweet Mother.
  • test out my book ideas.  test out my other comedy ideas.  test out my more serious stuff.
  • do no harm.


That’s it.  That’s my blog “code.”  I think it’s different for everyone.  Yet, I strongly feel that everyone should have one.


Now, I said for your art AND your life when talking about this code stuff.  So, what’s my life code?  Well, if I were to think about it, it would probably go something like this:


  • do creative and fulfilling work.
  • get paid for that work.
  • do not take unsuitable work out of panic.
  • take care of myself and wifesy in all areas – health, spiritual, financial, etc.
  • meet and connect with like-minded, positive, individuals.  get rid of the rest or create a boundary between myself and them.  (they don’t even need to know about said boundary.)
  • be edgy…because that’s who you are and what you like.
  • live authentically.
  • protect those who need it.
  • do no harm.


That’s it.  That’s my life’s code – in a loose sense.  I think you need to have one.  I think it should be somewhat flexible, but I think you have to have one.  I think when you have one it puts you on the absolute and right path.  I think it’s part of the key to getting everything that you want.  I read somewhere that google does this with its employees.  It asks them what “qualities” are most important to them and where do they “see themselves in 5 years.”  It’s that sort of thing, but really – to make it all quite simple – it’s just a code.  A code for living and creating.


What’s yours?



End-notes:  Since this is a rather short post today, I’d like to include a couple more things.  1.  I accidentally left out a wonderful blogger yesterday, who had given me an award.  Her name is Brigitte.  I have read her stuff and it is great.  She deserves readers.  So, if you’re looking for another wonderful new blog, follow her today.  2.  Lastly, a friend of mine posted this blog on my fb today.  She thought it really related to my “Thank You, Barack” piece on why the black community should support the gay rights movement.  It was written in 1970.  1970!  And I still think it holds true today.  Give it a read and if you comment, let ’em know I sent you.  xoxo



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