crazy cat lady

Crazy Cat Lady Alliance

“Have you tipped their ears?” she asked.


“No, I haven’t,” answered Wifesy.


It was all via text message, but I could still hear the huff in her 142 characters.


“I’d like to sit in your backyard over night with the trap, if that’s alright,” she added ignoring Wifesy’s last comment.


I took the phone from Wifesy and answered myself this time.


“How will you see?”


“I wear night vision goggles and camo.” she stated without adding any emoticons to indicate jest or sarcasm.


“Holy feck,” I murmured to Wifesy.


It seems we have partnered with the Crazy Cat Lady Alliance.  You see, Wifesy is an animal lover.  She goes to great lengths to care for her animals.  She’ll administer extreme treatments, if she’s capable, in order to keep a loved and furry one alive.  But, she still treats them like animals.  She hasn’t formed any kind of club or society.  If myself and the dog were drowning in the ocean I’m pretty sure who she would save first.  Although, I’d probably go after the dog while Wifesy tried to save me.  So, in my mind I like to think we’d all come out alive.


funny cat


Crazy Cat Lady Alliance, on the other hand, would save the cat.  Of this, I have no doubt.  I have no idea why that cat would be in the ocean next to me, drowning.  Maybe Noah’s Ark 2 capsized?  Regardless, cat lady would save the cat.  I know this because she has formed her own one-woman militia to save the neighborhood’s feral felines.  She dons a uniform.  She fights a war on the daily.  She needs a rap song with a good hook sung by a pretty girl who sh*ts melodies.  It’s that serious.


crazy cat lady

Feck with the cats, you feck with me!


I have a great love for human characters like Crazy Cat Lady Alliance.  If her persona were in a movie it would be played by Frances McDormand or William H. Macy.  It’s riveting to watch souls like that navigate through the world – ultra sensitive, ultra dedicated, and maybe even uber damaged.  Yet, I don’t want to be married to them.  Wifesy is the perfect mix of just a little crazy, just a little sane.  Feck with that mix and you have something else entirely.  I like to think I’m the same way too.


These days it feels as if my life is spinning by me at warp speed, while I desperately try to hold on.  So, I love watching these new and interesting characters as they slip in and out of my field of vision.  There’s the barefoot family from Wisconsin to my left and the Mexican Shanty Town to my right.  But, you’ll have to hear about those at another time.


I’m keeping this one short and sweet, so I can troll around and catch up on some of my favorite blogs.  Until next time…




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