100th Post Blog Love-Fest

Okay, so today is my 100th day posting.  Making what you are reading right now, my 100th post.  As a result, I’m going to do something crazy, something hysterical (in the best sense of the word), and I’m going to turn this blog into a feast for the senses.  Alright, maybe that’s lofty goal for a 100th post.  Let me aim lower, okay, here it is:  I will include…Highlights from the “Read More” section (my blog posts that could use a little more love and why), a mini-reggie story, AND A LINK FOR 100 of MY FOLLOWERS.  Yes, you heard that right.  Let’s get started.


This 100 year old woman says coffee and cigarettes keep her alive. I say after 100 years, she can do whatever the feck she wants. Photo credit, below.


Read Mores that Need More Love:


Making Reality:  This is the very first post I had ever written on here.  I think it’s insane.  It’s NOT told from my POV.  It’s told from the POV of a woman who eventually sleeps with Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate, Plus 8.  I’m serious.  I was so “challenged” when I first started blogging that I didn’t even include a picture.  It’s all story, no image.  But, I promise, it’s a fun read.


Dr. G:  I’m obsessed with Dr. G, Medical Examiner.  I think she’s a brainiac and an all around decent person.  I try to have this blog act as decent as she does.


What a Woman from 1846 Thinks About Today’s News:  A silly piece that does just what it says.  Enjoy.




A few years back, I hosted my own show at a little place called B3.  It was named B3 because it was located on Avenue B and 3rd Street in Manhattan.  This seems to be somewhat of a tradition in New York, especially on the Lower East Side.  There are many establishments named after their exact locations – 7A, Bar on A, B3, etc.  At the time, B3 was a little bistro.  In the basement of the bistro was a cool little bar and a stage for performances.  I met the owners of the place – an awesome Manhattan couple, one an ex model, the other an owner of a construction company – and asked if I could run a show in their basement.  The show ran – pretty successfully – for 4 years.  I’m proud of that show to this day.


I also had an interesting thing happen at B3.  Eventually, my little show grew some Reggies.  Yep, that’s right – real, live, ones.  There was a girl named Betty, a lovely, Jewish, married couple, and a male steward named Martin.  Martin is who I’m going to talk about today.


Martin came to my show every single Wednesday when he was in town.  I believe he was flying the New York route regularly from somewhere to NY.  We were young then and I think Martin was around 22 years old.  If I can be so bold, I also think Martin was maybe gay, but perhaps not out at the time.  If he wasn’t, my apologies.  When I say such a thing, it only means that you are extra special in my eyes.  All I know, in truth, is that Martin loved my show and that I loved him back.  I mean he beamed when he was at my show.  He was such a warm and loving person and just about the best audience member you could ever meet.  I don’t mean to speak of Martin, as if he were dead.  I don’t believe he is, since he should be a bit younger than me right now.  I’m speaking of him in the past tense because we have lost touch with each other, but I have NOT forgotten him.  Here’s the thing you need to know about Martin, he made my show better.  Just by being there, he made it better.  When you sit in an audience, some people do so passively, but Martin never did.  He was fully present and alive during my show.  I noticed it and I appreciate it to this day.


I’m going to say the same thing about today’s MINI-Reggie in regards to my blog.  Now, I’m not saying she’s a Mini-Reggie to make light of her blog or anything she does.  I’m only saying so because I get the sense that her blog is in flux.  So, I think when you go to this Mini-Reggie’s site, you should leave her a comment and tell her who YOU are.  I suggest this particular action because this particular blogger has made MY site better.  Honestly, every time she comments, she brightens my day.  She is a beacon of warmth and humanity and she lives in beautiful India.  And if she blesses your blog by stopping by and leaving a comment, you’ll understand exactly why the places she stops become just a little bit brighter.


Without further adieu, Sweet Mother is proud to introduce on today’s SPECIAL, 100th Post Blog Love Fest:


Little Miss Obsessive Anatomy

This is Little Miss's Dog next to some "reggie" bran bread.


Lastly, the LINK GAME:


As of today, I have 779 followers.  I am VERY grateful for that.  So, I’ve decided to break my little fingers by presenting this link game.  Below is a numerical link to 100 of my subscribers taken completely at random.  Click on one or two of them, read their content, comment, and maybe even follow.  It’s like blowing out 100 candles all at once.  It’s my way of saying thank you.  Sweet Mother loves you and she is very happy that you’re here.


Much love, SM.


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Photo credits:  100 year old woman photo and article