I Don’t Understand Instagram…And Winners Announced…

Morning, fellow bloggamites.  Hold tight to your hats because at the bottom of this post I’m going to announce some more Mother of a Caption Contest Winners, Part 2.


But, before I get into that, I want to talk about something else.  There was a time when I did NOT understand the benefit of Linkedin.  In fact, I wrote a whole post about it here.  I lambasted it.  I skewered it.  I mocked it and yet, now, somehow, I have married it.  By that I mean, I have come to love it.  Let me explain.  I hated Linkedin.  Then I wrote about it on here and like a question asked to the gods, it was answered, and at least momentarily, I understood.  Some of you explained the advantages of Linkedin to me.  Some of you even opened up your profiles to me.  I perused them and from there I learned how to improve my own.  My Linkedin is now a spiffy new diamond in the rough and I’m not going to say it gets me jobs, but I will say it gets more “views” and that has got to be something.


So, I figured I’d do the same with Instagram.  I want to throw it out to the readers of Sweet Mother.  I want to see if anyone has any useful ideas for it or is it just a mind-blowing, time-suck?


I know Instagram can do this…

Make my foot look like it’s in the year 1977…

Make my dog look like she’s older than she is…You know, like Clint Eastwood old.

It can also make my blog look like something important that was found in a time capsule…

Lastly, it can make the super weird bright moon (there was some scientific reason for it) look even more awesomely super-weird.


I know it can do all this, but -like all things- just what in the feck can it do for me?


Once your photo goes up on to the Instagram, as far as I’m concerned, it’s in the “matrix.”  I’ve tried to find it again using webstagram and all I ended up with was a headache-stagram.


So, what about you guys?  What do you use it for and why in the hell do you find it useful?  And is there any benefit other than a funky filter for my photos?  Help, please, help.  Momma is lost.


Okay, that’s that.  Now, for issue #2 at hand…


The Winners from the Mother of a Caption Contest #2:


First things first, here was the mighty picture that many, many folks captioned.  The prizes are either a Reggie profile or my comedy CD to the top 3 best joke writers.


The photo…


And the winners are…


“Cosmetic surgery under the Romney-Ryan Plan.”  — Allan G. Smorra


“Redneck facelift.”  — Saradraws


“He said he was in a band…”  — Fabulous Mommy


Okay, people, these were seriously hard to only pick three winners for.  Some of you were very, VERY, close.  Who knew your jokes would get better and better?  Another caption contest will be coming up sometime this week.  So, look for that very soon.


Winners, please let me know if you want a Reggie Profile or the CD in the comments section.  Sara, you’ve already done a Reggie, so if you don’t want the CD, we’ll have to figure out a super-fun alternative.


Everyone else, as always, thanks for reading.


Much love,




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