Ay Yay Yay, Scalability… (#338)

I’m in the home stretch of this wonderful blog experience (or at least the post-as-many-days-in-a-row as I can experience) and it has me thinking about many things.  For one, I’ve started thinking in “past blog posts.”  (Lmao).  This, to me, is similar to when a blogger dreams about another blogger.  For me, it was an experience like Daylight Savings time on Sunday.  I immediately thought, “I wrote about Daylight Savings time last year.”  (This is the post.)


I started to think about that day (and post) a year ago and about how this year’s experience is different than last year’s.


There’s a part of me that wants to go through and read every single one of my 338 posts over again.  I think I’d learn something by doing that.  But, I also think it would take me another year to do so and I’m not sure I have time for that.


Time, is mainly what I’m thinking about lately.


Time and scalability.


Here’s the wiki definition of scalability:


In electronics (including hardwarecommunication and software), scalability is the ability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work in a capable manner or its ability to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.[1]


Basically a word that grew out of electronics and software creation.  When I hear the word, “scalability” I think, “Can this product or thing handle getting big?”


Now, I’m not saying I’m some big-wig.  I’m no bloggess.  Hell, I’m not even close.  But, what I am is a diligent (and hopefully creative) person who enjoys expanding my blog and online presence through the different social media platforms out there.


Yet, how does one keep it all up?  I’ve recently joined Google+ and though I LOVE IT and truly think it will one day usurp facebook, I am troubled about how to manage its existence in my life.  How do I keep new content posted there on a consistent basis, while I’m blogging and tweeting and everything else?


I like to think I’m an adept multi-tasker, but then again THIS didn’t work out so  well for me the other day:


laptop shelf for bike

Multi-taskers paradise…


Yep, I put the ironing board on top of the bike and the laptop on top of that.  All so I could TRY and get a workout in while commenting and reading blogs.  (Carrie Rubin, this is my version of what you do.  bwwwaaahhhhaaa.)  It was precarious to say the least.  I left the experiment thinking a couple of things – a) why don’t they make laptop shelves for stationary bikes?  and b) how do I best manage my online presence?  How do I keep the quality up while keeping the quantity high?


Without an extra set of hands, I’m not sure how it all gets done.


A lot of bloggers out there would say, “Cut back.”  “Cut back on this or that.  Tweet less, blog less.”  That would be THEIR answer.  Now, once I hit 365 posts, I will blog less.  However, THAT’S my goal and I’m sticking to it.  365 consecutive posts, as fast as I can.  Why it makes some people angry, I have no idea.  It’s my goal and not yours.  As it is, that goal has morphed.  In the very beginning of this blog, my goal was to post something EVERY SINGLE DAY.  That changed because it proved unsustainable for me without going insane.  Now it’s more like I post MOST days of the week.


All of that aside, the truth is I ENJOY this social media stuff.  So, there must be a way to find a balance with it.  And one less precarious then laptop on ironing board on bike.


What about all of you?  How do you manage it all?  As always, I love to hear your tricks, treats, and thoughts.



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