Born in the US-Gay!

Nope, this is not a post about gay America.  Nor is it a post about how gay America has become.  It is a post about Bruce Springsteen and why he’s important to the gay community.  If you don’t know, Bruce is a big marriage equality advocate.  He wrote a blog about it and now his image and his quote are part of the big four campaign.  The big four is a campaign to get marriage equality passed in 4 more states come this November.



It all reminds me of my friend, Pete.  My friend Pete is a great guy.  He’s a straight, funny, and a married, man with two kids.  He’s a writer/ producer and a pretty big liberal.  One day he facebooked me and said, “Beck, I have this friend who is adamantly against gay marriage.  He keeps posting about it on his facebook page.  Can you say something to him about it?  Here’s the link.”




Now, I love Pete.  But, Pete makes a mistake here.  What he does not realize is that gay people are EXHAUSTED.  We have to defend our “lifestyle” (or genetics, depending upon how you look at it) on a daily basis.  So, no, I don’t want to get into a fight with your random friend about his, “gay problem.”  I have to pick and choose my battles if I’m going to survive.


That’s one reason why Bruce is important.  Every straight person that stands up and says, “No, this is not right,” has some skin in the game and if you have some skin in the game, you WILL make a difference.  Bruce has his entire red-white-and-blue-American ass in the game.  And -really- that’s damn important.  It’s taking up the facebook fight with your random friend ON YOUR OWN.


I’m highly aware, however, that a lot of you -out there- have and will continue to stick your neck out for gay people.  Hell, I think a lot of you stick it out for anyone who is oppressed.  I know you are not all Petes.  (And Pete, by the way, I think had his heart in the right place.  Perhaps, he felt unsure about how to argue his point, and he may have thought – a gay person will speak to this more eloquently.)


But, maybe, just maybe some of you are on the fence and don’t really care to get involved in any kind of confrontation.  So, you vote silently and do what you can on your own, in your own way.  I think that’s great, but I also think – in America – we’ve gone past that point as of late.  We are at a certain milestone in this movement where it’s not only important, but imperative that straight people stand up alongside gays, as Bruce has.


Gay hate, gay bashing, gay intolerance can be LOUD.  It is also violent and -truly- it will not stop (or at least be contained) without a unity of many.


Everyone needs role models.  Everyone.  When I think about myself, in regards to comedy, I’m not sure that I would have been so bold now if comedians before me (Ellen, Wanda Sykes, etc) hadn’t paved the way to make gay okay.  I’m sure I would’ve been true to me (as I always have been), but it might’ve taken me longer or I might’ve done it here and there.


My thought is that maybe Bruce is a role model for straight dudes in that way.  Perhaps, if an All-American guy from Jersey like Bruce says, “Hey, equality is equality and gay people are our brothers and sisters who deserve equal rights…,” I think his solidarity might allow the regular Joe next door to do the same.  That is invaluable.


So are the actions of Minnesota Vikings punter (American footballer), Chris Kluwe who penned a MUST READ letter to a state delegate defending gay equality.  It includes such unbelievably good nuggets like this one:


“(the gays) they won’t turn you into a lustful c*ckmonster…”


Oh, man, it’s so good.  Click for the full letter here.


But, back to Bruce.  I, for one, am proud of the man and I hope his actions spawn 10,000 more like him – peace lovin’, gay accepting, tolerant, open minded, American, men.  It would make me even prouder to be born here.



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