10 Signs You’ve Hit Tech Overload

10.  You experience “PHANTOM MOUSE HAND” and begin to right click against your will!


phantom mouse hand


9.  You only let your dog have a playdate over Skype.


dog playdate skype


8.  You get jealous of the 10 year old with a better phone than you.


zack galafanakis phone


7.  DJ Roomba sounds like a productive idea.


dj roomba


6.  You start calling yourself a, “Social Media Guru.”


justin timberlake social network


5.  You attempt to hack your own pair of Google Glass.


hack google glass


4.  You take your computer to bed.


take your computer to bed


3.  You binge on Netflix until everything goes black.


house of cards gif


2.  You believe you’ve become a Cylon.  (As result of above Netflix binge.)


computer in you


1.  You’ve read this post.  Now, go outside!


awesome nature gif



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