The Number One Reason Gays MUST Be Allowed to Marry in Pictures

I’ve heard a lot of reasons why gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married.  I have heard a lot of reasons why gays should not be allowed to have  kids.  I’ve heard that once you allow a man to marry a man, next up is man marries a goat.  Some say promoting gay families will recruit children.  (Even though I was “recruited” by a straight woman.  A post on that at a later time.)  Some think a loving gay family will turn others gay like it’s a makeover of some sort.  And then, of course, I’ve heard that it will somehow kill the straight marriage.  I think the problem with all of these arguments is that they are NOT STRONG ENOUGH.  If you really want to stop gay marriage, if you really want to stop sweet kids like Zach Wahls from having homes then you need a better argument.  Today, I’m going to give the other side a little beef for their fight because, frankly, their arguments are getting boring.


You know how in a court of law, visual aids can be damning testimony?  Well, I put forth the following evidence.  If you don’t allow loving adults to nurture a little human, well, then, this happens:








I rest my case.  But, seriously, HOW CUTE!!! I felt my ovaries tingle a little bit as I uploaded.  But, I mean, that’s to be expected.  I am a Sweet Mother, after all.  Thank you for enjoying today’s quickie post.  Now, get out there and enjoy the sun or the rain or the night.  Happy Sunday.


Much love,





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