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Okay, so I’m working my way into some weightier posts over the next few days, but before I do let’s all enjoy the “Blogs of the Week.”  These are the things that I’ve enjoyed around here on WordPress over the last few days or so.  (The titles are all linked, as well as throughout the feature paragraph.)  Give them a looksey.  You’ll be glad you did.


Momma loves you.  SM.


T.W. Dittmer’s post on his mother-in-law:  I really loved this piece.  I came to T’s blog by way of Allan’s blog, Ohm Sweet Ohm.  Allan recommended that I read T.W. when I was going through my whole self-publishing saga/ rant over here.  T.W. has a self-publishing series of his own over at his blog, which is worth a read in and of itself.  However, it’s the personal posts that I always love the best and T.W.’s piece called, “June” does not disappoint in that arena.  It’s about his mother-in-law and how much he liked her and how it took him a bit to “win her over.”  The whole thing reminded me of Wifesy’s mom and how she’s really welcomed me into her small family, over time.  She sent me a Christmas gift this year.  The same amount as her own daughter and I don’t even think she has a lot of money to spare.  So, it means a great deal to me that she did so.  Anyway, we can all relate to someone bringing you into their clan when they don’t really have to at all.  With that in mind, read T.W.’s piece on “June” and remember our time here on earth (even if it goes past Dec 21. lol) it’s limited.


UndercoverL and the Pizza Hilarity:  Okay, UndercoverL is one of the bloggers on here (and there are a small army of them) who I’d love to have a drink with one day.  Every time I peruse her blog I find something interesting or funny or funny and interesting.  I even tweeted about her ‘retort’ to the family/ holiday newsletter.  It’s a gem and worth a read.  But, it was the “pizza challenge” that got me.  Apparently, the pizza challenge (as I’m calling it) originated with this guy.  He calls it the PizzaBoxDrawcember.  Basically, you get your friendly neighborhood pizza delivery guys to draw a gorilla rolling some dice on your pizza box.  David did it by “sending in the message” over the interwebs and Undercover achieved her take-home-art by having a hilarious phone conversation with the local pizza shop.  I encourage you to read both.  I’d participate, but the pizza in SoCal is shite.  But, if there’s ever a round where I’m assigned to get art printed on a taco wrapper, I’m in.  However, all of you MUST DO IT.  Accept the PizzaBoxDrawcember challenge.  I’ve never seen anything like it.


pizza box art

Yes, this happened.


Psychobabble – Dress Me in Lace:
I know that I dig a blog (and the broad who created it) when in the very first paragraph while discussing shopping for a wedding dress, the writer leaves this gem of a sentence:  “They even ask you where you keep all your porn, so you know they really have you by the ladyballs.”  I mean, come on!  That sentence is so good it has to be illegal.  Never mind that the post just crescendos in hilarity from that point forward, never mind that it was also “freshly pressed,” just read it.  Then when you’re done reading that piece read my second choice on Holland’s “Swarte Piet” and you’ll understand -first hand- why my black, American friend married to a Dutch guy gets in a fight every time she goes to the Netherlands for Christmas.


Speaker7 Talks Aboot Citizenship:
I would like to openly thank, Speaker 7 for reminding me that I have another blog.  Somewhere in the mayhem, I created a blog, and then dropped the ball in the end zone, while slowly defecating on it.  Like a true friend, Speaker was there.  She picked up my sh*tty ball, washed it off, and wrote a fabulous post.  Probably just so the whole thing didn’t die there like a warm fart.  It’s about an American -maybe/ trying to/ would if she could/ – becoming a Canadian.  As is typical of Speaker 7, it’s split your sides funny.





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