Ten Tuesday Thoughts Running Thru My Head

1.  Yes, I know that’s not how you spell “thru,” it’s through.  How long until someone tells me I’ve misspelled thru/ through in the title?



2.  Roseanne Barr needs to stop running for President.  She needs to quietly smoke some marijuana and grill her pineapples on the barbie in Hawaii.  It’s called, “enjoying your fortune.”  Roseanne, let’s give that a try.


And what is with the weird sock puppet arm?


3.  Why does every election related headline on the Huffingtonpost homepage sound like a movie Arnold Schwarzenegger should star in?  “Judgement Day!”  “Decision Damnation!”  “Fatal Fight.”  “Election Blowout.”  “Hellfire and Democracy!”  Calm down, Huffpo.  Calm down.


4.  Facebook is fecking all of us.  I need to write a post about how facebook is feckin’ us all.  Here’s where you should start reading to gear up for my “Facebook is Feckin’ Us” post – click here.


5.  Hitting the wall in blogging is like being excited about school for the first semester and then planning how to become a stowaway on some kind of cruise-liner to get yourself the hell out of boring school for the second semester.  Sometimes I feel like that.  Sorry blog.


6.  When I take an antihistamine, it cures my allergies, but it also makes me walk around like a bitchy Zombie.  So, I’m never sure what to do.  Do I take one for the team and just deal with the splitting sinus headache or do I became walk of the living, menstruating, dead?!


Claritin, this is your f’en fault!


7.  I wish I were one of those MEN who liked to cook because when you’re a man and you like to cook people are all like, “Oh, that’s so cool.  He’s handsome and he likes to cook too!  What a gifted and modern guy.”  But, when you’re a woman and sometimes you like to cook, people look at you and think, “What a waste of an education.”


8.  Should I have another piece of toast?  Carbs are the feckin’ enemy.


9.  Why did I not get my polling place location and Wifesy did?  I’m going to go to the same polling place as her because we live at the same address.  Duh.  Now, if they don’t have my name down, even though I have my voter registration card, little do they know I will run to every polling place in the state of California until I find mine.  I will do this, even though I know full well my entire state of California will go blue by 3pm.  It feels like my civic / citizenly duty.


10.  Lastly, If you need a break from Yankee Election Day stuff, head on over to Canadica today.  Writer, Wendy Reid, posted an AWESOME piece that I call, “All Hail the Blue Law.”  It is a fantastic post and a wonderful break that reminds us all not to take everything so seriously, especially teachers who prefer to wear their hair in a “bob.”  Head over there and you’ll see what I mean or click here.


Much love,


Sweet Mother



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