Now I Understand How Those Winklevoss Twins Felt…

I thought I’d create a tumblr today instead of writing because I’m in that kind of mood.  I thought I had a brilliant idea as I was trolling around.  It was a light bulb moment as Oprah would say…


I thought, “My God, I have it!”


I’ll create a tumblr called, “Babies that Look Like Patton Oswalt.”


It’s feckin’ genius…


I mean come on…


There’s this baby:

And this one…

I mean, come on!


I was feeling really good about it until I found out… THIS IDEA ALREADY FECKIN’ EXISTS.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!


Is there an original thought left in the universe?


I don’t know, but I know I’m not going to find it today.


That’s all.





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