Is It Summer or Joke Week That’s Causing My Lowest Views Yet?

Views are down, daddy, down.  It could be summer.  It could be that my viewers hate, “Joke Week.”  It could be that I’ve been mentally taxed with other things as of late.  But, like much of the blogging-esque type things I talk about on here, Joke Week was and is necessary FOR ME during this whole blogging process.  It’s given me a much needed break from my more long form blog writing, storytelling, format.  As a result, I’m chomping at the bit to get back to my longer posts, but at the same time I can update my content AND have time for dealing with other things like the recent lost of my brand new computer.  (Major bummer, let me tell you.)


It’s also switched my creative brain capacity, which is sort of like exercising the same muscles, but by using a different machine.  Sure, I think about my posts when they are longer, but when you are writing, you can simply just write.  When you’re thinking about a joke, it’s more like a puzzle.  You have to find the one piece of something that stands out to you.  For example, I scour news sources for joke week material.  Something will peak my interest.  Today it was an article about how Mitt Romney got into a verbal war with the Prime Minister of Britain over their “handling” of the Olympic games.  I thought that topic might be interesting.  But, as I read the article, what stood out to me was a small mention of Romney’s wife and the horse that she owns that will compete in the Olympic games.  My immediate thought was, “How can you be a peoples’ President when you so clearly come from a live of such privilege.”  That was my immediate thought.  So, I knew – for me – that’s where the funny would be.  If you’re more of a Romney-lover, your joke spark would come from somewhere else.  To me, it’s not about the politics.  It’s about the joke and the process of joke writing.


It’s similar to how I carved out my book proposal.  I did a ton of research and then the parts that stood out to me were often obscure, little, tidbits that shined (or screamed) at me through a sea of otherwise boring data.  That’s what I have to write about — the thing that screams at me.


I’m curious as to how the rest of you come up with your blog post ideas and your creative ideas.  Do you have a specific process or is it all completely random for you?  Please let me know in the comments section below, if and when you have the time.  As always, I’m grateful for your presence here.


And now, Part 6 of JOKE WEEK.  Only one more day to go!  Enjoy the jokes culled from today’s news and my brain.  You may love ‘em.  You may hate ‘em.  Either way, here they are.


Joke 1:


Mitt Romney’s wife has a horse competing in the dressage competition of the Olympic games.  Dressage is, of course, a “peoples’ sport” akin to the dramatic, inner city battles of high tea service and frugal butler choosing.



Surely, it’s just like basketball…


Joke 2:



Farmville, that annoying game on Facebook, is deep into financial losses this quarter.  The losses are so great that a Wall Street analyst remarked, “We haven’t seen a plunge this big on something imaginary since Virginia stopped believing in Santa Claus.”




Joke 3:


When spotted out with his wife, Fred Willard told reporters, “My wife’s got my back.”  I’m thinking that’s not the body part she needs to understand to take control of the situation.




Joke 4:


Apparently, the two stars of the Twilight saga were dating, but one of them cheated.  Isn’t there a werewolf somewhere who can pee all over this story, thus marking it as his, and making sure I never have to read about it again?


(Holy buzz-cawks.  I just used “thus” in a joke.)


Joke 5:


In recent news, Janet Jackson slapped Paris Jackson calling her a, “spoiled little bitch-cake.”  When asked to intervene the Suppernanny said, “No way.  This is some Whitney Houston / Bobby Brown sh*t.  I don’t want to get cut.  Now, get your paws off my mini-cooper.”



Mary Poppins wouldn’t take this sh*t. Neither will I.


Woo-hoo.  We’re at the tail end of Joke Week, here.  Thanks for sticking with me, while I tried something new.  One more day and then it’s back to regular programming on Saturday.  Much love and I hope all is well with you and yours, Mother.




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