Hire A Comedian Or A Writer (#349)

There’s something going on out there, people.  It’s called the internet.  If you’re smart, you can even land a job working with it.  It’s not even too hard.  You just have to do what most of you are doing here – BUILD A PLATFORM.  Have great content.  Show initiative and innovation.


social media platforms

If this is what you think I mean by “platform” -well- then I kinda like you.


There’s a problem though – you can’t ONLY be on WordPress.  You need to diversify.  Now, if you’re only here as a writer that’s fine.  Remain as you are.  Remain your lovely writerly self – toiling away at the typewriter.  BUT, if you want to sell something (your own product) or if you want to land a social media job or a web producer job or a content manager job or a brand manager job or a digital producer, coordinator, associate job – then diversify.


(And yes, that’s how many names there are for what I do.  If you want a job in those areas, google them all.)


Be on more then one platform.  Actively.  Yeah, it’s a lot to do.  But, work is just that – work.  As most of you have guessed by now – I’ve landed a job.  A job that I like.  My job is with a production company and specifically for one television show.  We’ll call the production company Mine Media and we’ll call the television show “All American Family Style Slapstick,” so AAFSS for short.  I’m calling my gig at AAFSS by this made up name because I’d like to continue working there AND I want to talk about it at the same time.  So, we’re going to have to anonymize it.  We’re going to have to go with AAFSS.  However, if you’re really hankering to know where I work a few google searches should help you find it.  (While you do that, I’ll quietly call the police and alert them to the fact that you may be stalking me.)  If you can’t do a google search then you probably shouldn’t go for a career in the interwebs anyway.


So, my job at AAFSS is interesting.  Everyday I’m learning.  Paid to learn -even- and that’s exactly what I wanted.  Yet, as I’ve said at least 1 million times here on this very blog – I want ownership over something and that means creating your own thing.  The creating of my own thing can NOT stop happening.  In fact, one thing needs to feed the other.  The paid learning at my job-job has to be applied to the job product (tv show) and eventually to my own creation.  That’s when I’ll truly have something.


I think – in the very immediate past – people have been pulled from marketing and public relations type jobs into the arena of what I do.  In my personal opinion, that is a mistake.


If you are a company and you want to expand your web presence, enhance it, and make it something really special – you need to hire a comedian or a writer.




Because we can create on-message content – FAST.  Not to mention if the writer or comedian is funny, then you have the added bonus of adding on-message humor to your content.  It’s a win-win.


A marketing person usually can’t do that for you with the same aplomb.  A writer or a writer/ comedian / blogger can.


Plus, who would you rather work with at first glance —


business man

This guy…

social media person

Or this creature…I’m just sayin’.


I think this is a huge opportunity for all of you out there.  Just as it was for me.  Once I recognized that this is something I could do, wanted to do, and excelled at – positioning my resume in such a way was not difficult.  Eventually, recruiters were coming to me.  Seriously.


So, expand.  Find a way to do what you do on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, AND WordPress.  Prove you are strong across multiple platforms and you may just secure lucrative freelance or long term work in DIGITAL.  It’s kinda awesome when you can make something happen out of nothing.


To further this discussion, once a week I’m going to produce a post called, “VIRALOCITY.”  It will talk about an internet post, pic, video, blog, twitter feed, tumblr, etc, and why it went viral.  It’s that simple.  If this is not your thing, don’t worry.  I’ll be back to talking about my personal life and all it foibles before you can say, “Feck, you bought a house?”


Much love,





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