Do You Write in Bulk? And the Winners Are…

Okay, I know that headline sounds like some kind of PSA imploring you to eat your fiber, but it’s not.  It’s just a simple question, “Do You Write in Bulk?”


Writing in bulk is the best blogging advice that I received before blogging in earnest.  It’s advice that I never took.  Now, I try to write in bulk when I can.  Say, if I’m going away, I try to advance-plan and schedule a bunch of posts to publish in advance.  But, it’s not easy because no matter what you do, writing in bulk means writing more than one post in a day.  And sometimes writing more than one post in a day is truly difficult.


I like to think that bulk writing is so hard because I write so many good posts and those strong posts are so draining.  I wish that was the reason!  It’s not.  It’s the ideas that are hard.  Once I have an idea, if I think about the post for a bit, I’ve got the content.  After all, writing is really thinking on paper.


But, if I don’t have any ideas then bulk writing is like pulling teeth.

Writing more to blog less? It’s a theory.


A lot of the time it’s because I don’t know if the subject itself has enough meat.  That’s true of this post for example.  Is the subject of “writing in bulk” enough for a whole post or is it truly a short question that I should’ve left in a blogging forum somewhere?  Like on Bloggers Anonymous…the forum for bloggers who truly over-think this baloney.


When I first started blogging, I read a lot of Chris Guillebeau’s blog.  In Chris’s “279 Days to Overnight Success” he talks about having some “posts in the pocket” for the days you can’t write due to other commitments or maybe because you just can’t feel that muse.


The other reason to bulk write — you can let the writing marinate.  If you can write something and put it away, when you read it the next day, you can always fix it quicker and better.


Letting a piece sit almost ensures the writing will be stronger.  But, if you’re posting every day or on a schedule and you have a full time job, that’s just not always possible.  Sometimes you have to hit publish even if the piece is not fully there.


Other strong reasons to write in bulk:


It helps you focus your blog.


It helps you keep the writing quality very high.


It helps you accumulate a lot of content, which means people will come back to your blog.  If there’s something new, they will come more frequently.  Not to mention, the searching-bots will love you.  More content means higher search value.


Anyway, those are my thoughts on writing in bulk.  As always, let me know what you think in the comments section.


HOLD ON!!  Before I finish this post entirely, it’s time to reveal the winners of my MOTHER OF A CAPTION CONTEST.


The rules were simple.


The top 3, best jokes get either a Reggie profile or a copy of my comedy CD.


You can enter as much as you like.


Today, I announce the winners.  And if you did win, please let me know if you’d like a Reggie Profile of your blog or a downloadable version of my comedy CD.  The choice is yours.


This was the photo…


And let me just say it was REALLY hard to pick only three…




“IT’S A BOY!”Kathy V


“Biggest splash since Pearl Harbor!”  — bharatwrites


“I haven’t used one of these since I had my tits packed, Maria.  Thank God we kept our cocks!!”  — australianperfumejunkies


Tomorrow will be a another MOTHER OF A CAPTION CONTEST.  Check back to leave your joke.  As the lottery says, “You gotta be in it to win it.”


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