-Agogue-A-Blog (#339)

“Agogue.”  It’s that suffix thingy people use when they want to say someone is the best at something or a leader in some field.  I think “pedagogue” is the most popular form of -agogueness.  It means “teacher,” but it’s more than that.  It means boring, by-the-rules, strict teacher.  So, I suppose at one time, long ago, people might’ve run around the faculty room going…


“Don’t be such a pedagogue.”


It was supposed to be insulting.  But, I disagree.  I think agogue-ish words are beautiful.


I like the way they sound.  So, it upsets me that we don’t use them more.  Okay, upsets is too strong.  It aw-shucks-es me that we don’t throw the “agogues” around with abandon.  Today, I break the rules and set them all free.


aw shucks


Join me.  I mean it’s just so fun.


Think about it.


We could use awesome words like…


“He’s a total Pop-agogue.”




“Yeah, a Popagogue.  Someone who’s really into pop culture like a Perez Hilton, which is -of course- different then a Pope-agogue.”


“A Popegogue is what…”


“Someone who’s really into the pope.”


“Oh, Christ.”


“Nope, pope.”


“Who’s on first?”


“Stop it.”


See?  Fun.  Or we could use the term Blogagogue, which would be more than just someone who knows a lot about blogs.  It would be more like a blog, know-it-all.  The gogue is always a touch worse than the expert.  The gogue is a pain in the ass.


How about a “bore-agogue.”  This is anyone who is an expert in exceptionally boring things and who presents them in an exceptionally boring way.  You know, like a paper or minerals expert.  Someone who got his degree in “printer ink cartridges.”  Something like that.


Then we could of course discuss the dual purpose – CLOGAGOGUE.


A clogagogue is either a clog expert OR a plumbing expert.  And then of course if you have someone who is both a plumber master AND and an expert in clogs…well, then your head explodes.



Dude’s a plumber.


There’s the dog-agogue.  Veterinarians are those.  Cesar Milan is one.


And the…SMOGAGOGUE.  A smogagogue delights in China’s little problems, just as much as LA’s.  He or she typically has a portfolio filled with these:


china smog

china smog


You can also spell “agogue” differently.  “Agog” is also acceptable.


Now, the “agog” of course leads us to think about one thing THE…




The EggNogAgog -as far as experts go- is typically a delightful or obnoxious fellow depending on how deep the EggNogAgog gets into his area of adroit-a-tude.  (That’s a word, right?)


For example:


This guy is an EGGNOGAGOG.


drunk santa


You can also study an “agogy” of something.


The people who study “Frogagogy” -surprisingly- know very little about frogs and everything about princes.


prince william

If you watched the royal wedding, you’re probably much more into frogagogy then you think.


Lastly, we have the “Demagogue,” which would be an expert in Demis and/ or Democracies.


ashton kutcher

jon stewart


Feel free to add your 2Centsagogue in the area below.  Hey, it’s worth something here.


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