Help Me Test Out Kate Middleton’s Breasts…

Now how’s that for a title?  Okay, my beautiful blogging peeps, I love accessing you all as a test group of sorts for little things that I’m trying here and there.  I want to write and work on some videos.  I have some in mind that are “live action” and will involve actors.  Those will get going in a few weeks.  But, I also want to create a series of videos around pop culture news items and current events.  I’d like it to be a series of videos that are low cost AND that I don’t have to appear in.  Those are my parameters.  Below, in the video, is my idea in action.  Keep in mind that the video is NSFW.  So, if you’re sitting in a cubicle somewhere, put on headphones and enjoy.  To serve as an appetizer, here’s a ridiculous list…


Things We Should Be Paying Attention to Besides Kate Middleton’s Breasts:


1.  Where Romney puts his dog.


2.  Our collective butt size.


3.  What version of the iphone we have an how it makes us feel inadequate.


4.  Myspace


5.  The facebook status updates of people we haven’t seen in over 10 years.


6.  Our blogs.


Okay, here’s the video and as always, I’d love to know what you think:



If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to Canadica after this.  Probably the funniest post yet, written by Speaker7.


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26 thoughts on “Help Me Test Out Kate Middleton’s Breasts…

  1. Oh, sure–I’m reading your post at my son’s guitar lesson. I really want to open that video, but I guess I better wait until I get home. There are young ‘uns in this place.

  2. I like how the car tells Jesus to shut up–although I did get very uncomfortable when the car and Daisy were sexually bantering, but that’s because I’m as uptight as Jesus. Thanks for the Canadica shout out.

  3. Is it weird that the car gives me the willies? Not the kind usually talked about here but the ones that give you the heeby jeebies. Makes your skin crawl? I’m thinking there will be animated car nightmares tonight.

  4. I can’t believe you made that. I mean, I CAN, because you’re SM. Just sayin’ it’s weird and kind of cool and I love it. More trash talking trash.
    Who’s Kate Middleton (kidding)? Are her breasts freakish? Has she got antennae? Lasers? Kittens? I cannot believe we still get worked up about boobs.

    1. and we can’t stop getting worked up about them. it makes no sense…none at all. the vid is too long, and needs to go more extreme, but i’m working on it… ohhhhh, i’m working on it. :0 sm

  5. Wow. That video was flipping awesome. Two quick things, then I have to get back to NaNo: “Feck-nuggets” is another Mom-ism I have to steal (it’ll show up in my WIP) and I get worked up over exposed boobs nearly every time. Not as much as exposed derrière (I’m a butt man, what can I say?). 😀

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