Reggie Profile #12: Mother of a Caption Winner!

It’s payback day!  But, not in a grade school-ish, “let’s pull the chair out from under someone” kind a way.  In more of a…it’s time to pay back the winners kind of way!  Yeah, that’s my favorite kind of day!  So, before I begin, I’d like to acknowledge two other winners of the last Mother of a Caption contest – Sara of Laments and Lullabies and Beth of Fabulous Mommy.  One thing you can be sure of (since they are joke writing winners) is that both of these ladies are SUPER funny.  Follow them.  You won’t be disappointed.


And now, on to this week’s Reggie…


It is…


Allan G. Smorra of OhmSweetOhmDotMe


This is Allan standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. And no, I’m not feckin’ kidding.


You know, I think some of the best bloggers out there are curators of a sort.  They post things that are inspiration, thought provoking, and that set a mood.  Allan is a curator of this type.  He posts his own pictures that really are breathtaking.  He posts videos that are ALWAYS interesting.  (Take this video that a clay sculptor made for kids illustrating what Meth can do to one’s face – Meth-amorphosis.)  And then he writes, oh, how he writes – just every once in a while, but -SH*T- he writes so well it will make you want more, as it has for me.


Honestly, as I was strolling through Allan’s blog all I could think was how refreshing it was.  Everything is interesting – the photos, the videos, and the writing.  It feels like getting a shot of Vitamin C when you’re suffering with blogging scurvy, which is my backwards way of saying his blog just feels f’en good to scroll through.


Allan is an electrical engineer in San Francisco and when you read through his blog, you’ll learn all sorts of thing about what I would call, “hidden San Francisco.”  You’ll learn stuff about the tops of bridges and electrical unions and somehow Allan makes this material fascinating even to a girl who can barely screw in a light bulb, like me.


But, there’s more…


There’s the extremely well written, slice o’ life, piece that Allan wrote about Frank: The Watch Tester.  I couldn’t read it without thinking about one of my favorite authors – Raymond Carver.  Carver was – quite literally – my awakening as to how the working class man (or woman) could speak to the very soul of all of us.  Allan does that with this piece.  Trust.  It’s a must read.


Then there’s his piece on reading Ayn Rand as a kid and how the controversial book caused OTHERS to react thus shaping his experience.


Then, along those curating lines, there’s the TED video Allan includes (linked from Bridgette) by Brene Brown.  Another, well worth your time posting that talks about telling stories, connection, vulnerability, and how “stories are data with a soul.”  A powerful piece posted by a very thoughtful and analytical curator – Allan.


Take a look at the blog’s photos.  Stroll through his archives and read Allan’s written pieces.  Stop and watch some of the videos.  It’s easy to realize that everything is chosen with care and thought.  It just may make your day.


Here’s where to FOLLOW.  I suggest you do it right away.


Thank you and you’re welcome.  😉


With Love,


Sweet Mother



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17 thoughts on “Reggie Profile #12: Mother of a Caption Winner!

    1. i know. i credited you on that link through, above. 😉 maybe it will get you a traffic slice or two. as lord knows, i like us all helping each other however we can. and yeah, i LOVE allan’s stuff. such an interesting guy. xoxo, sm

  1. I watched the video and it is amazing. Between that and the shot of him balancing on the bridge…well, let’s just say I’ll be over at his for the rest of the day. 😉 Thanks.

  2. Oh that made me dizzy just looking at it. What an amazing job to have! I find some of the best bloggers here. You should get a finder’s fee SM! 🙂 Oh, wait, not from me. From other people….

  3. Thank you, Sweet Mother, for this insightful review. In the spirit of accuracy, please be aware that I am not an Electrical Engineer, I am a Journeyman Electrician. I have a lot of respect for the skill, knowledge and discipline that it takes to be an engineer and my strengths lie in other areas.

    1. i stand corrected, allan! sorry about that. it happens because i am to electrically stupid to know the difference. sigh. anyway, glad you enjoyed the piece. hope it brings you some new followers. you deserve them. xo, sm

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