Now I Understand How Those Winklevoss Twins Felt…

I thought I’d create a tumblr today instead of writing because I’m in that kind of mood.  I thought I had a brilliant idea as I was trolling around.  It was a light bulb moment as Oprah would say…


I thought, “My God, I have it!”


I’ll create a tumblr called, “Babies that Look Like Patton Oswalt.”


It’s feckin’ genius…


I mean come on…


There’s this baby:

And this one…

I mean, come on!


I was feeling really good about it until I found out… THIS IDEA ALREADY FECKIN’ EXISTS.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!


Is there an original thought left in the universe?


I don’t know, but I know I’m not going to find it today.


That’s all.





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28 thoughts on “Now I Understand How Those Winklevoss Twins Felt…

  1. I used to think I was the only person who thought Hellboy looked exactly like Ted Danson. Turns out, that’s a thing too 😦 Googled it and had my bubble burst.

  2. It seems every time I think I have a brilliant plan or idea I will start working on it and before I finish up will pop 3 other people with the same idea … already finished. This is the most original idea I have seen for awhile . Very clever.

    1. okay, this guy is f’en brilliant! why have i never heard of this guy before? it’s absolutely frickin’ brilliant. holy toledo. he’s some kind of marketing genius…

  3. SM,
    The Ringmistress and I thought we had this great idea one day: let’s make a super baby… With her genes and mine, we thought we’s create a new breed. Then came Tiny Geek. A new breed alright. The type that doesn’t sleep. Like all the other babies… Like all other parents…
    Le Clown
    PS: Man, I didn’t even know who Patton Oswalt was before reading your post…

    1. ‘young adult’ by diablo cody. her follow up to ‘juno.’ absolutely brilliant film and patton has a big part in it. he’s also a brilliant comedian, but he does look like a baby and i still can’t believe i didn’t come up with that idea first. sigh. as for making babies… well, i leave that to you all… tho wifesy and i keep trying. bwaaahhhaaaa. xo

  4. It’s been said there are no new story ideas, only new ways to tell them. But your options might be even more limited with a tumblr. 😉

    But you’re doing NaNo—so no tumblr before December 1!

    1. i need to write haikus for you. or just write one letter and call it a day… i’ll call it the ‘wendy post’ and the body content will just be “F”. I’ll let you guess what that stands for… xo

  5. I knew that baby looked like someone – thanks for being the FIRST to tell me who it was. I work in PD at a T-shirt company and people are always sending in ideas we have already made – great minds think alike, I guess:)

  6. I wonder how Patton Oswalt feels about his baby-comparisons. I mean, they’re there, definitely. And they’re awesome. And I doubt he has many delusions of Clooneyness, but I bet sometimes when he’s down he thinks, “Aw, jeez. I’m a grown man who looks like an angry baby.” Then he remembers he’s Patton F***ing Oswalt and hopefully feels a lot better.

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