Blogs of the Week (Post 28)

Welp, today’s the day where I give back a bit here at old, Sweet Mother.  It’s also the day I take a touch of a blogger break to tell you about the good sh*t I’ve read over the last little while.  All titles are clickable.  Let us begin.



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When I write a post this short…well, sometimes I feel like this…


Canadica/ Franadica
A while ago, I started this little side project called, “Canadica.”  Thankfully, the woolly beast has taken on a life of its own through some other splendid bloggers.  One of them has written a wonderful piece this week on her love of all things French and English…  We all know where the best place is to find that kind of stuff, right?  CANADICA.  Alright, fine, Franadica!  Franadica, where the Subway sandwich wrapper is also in French, where a Yank can have her first beer at 18, AND where a talented musician such as the writer, Shannon Kennedy, can give us a tour through the wild and wonderful world that is French music.  Enjoy.  I know I did.


Black and Blue
I’ve been reading, “Tales from the Motherland” for quite sometime.  I’m often very pleasantly surprised by the great writing and secondly, by the rawness of the emotion.  That’s what a really gifted writer does in my opinion – they make you FEEL something – laughter, sadness, hope, a new perspective, a new awareness, etc.  For me, “Black and Blue” did that.  It’s a quick and straightforward post full of emotional honesty about how the writer (I assume) copes when things become too much.  It’s a universal feeling and I felt honored to read it.  It felt like being given a window into someone else’s “hangover of emotion” and therefore lightening the burden of mine.  Isn’t that why we all do this?  For moment of, “Oh, I’m not so different after all?”


Doormat or diva?  The freelancer’s dilemma.
I don’t comment much on broadside’s blog, mainly, because she doesn’t need it.  But, I keep her in my reader.  Whenever I read her stuff, I leave satisfied.  She’s a gifted journalist and a published author.  Both a Canadian and a New Yorker.  What’s not to love?


That’s it for today, my lovelies.  Enjoy your Friday.


xo, Sweet Mother.


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17 thoughts on “Blogs of the Week (Post 28)

  1. Nice of you to plug Franadica! I liked the songs that Shannon linked to. I think I even understood a few words here and there. It’s my turn next week with Canadica and I’m nervous as hell. My post should be up on Monday.

  2. Thanks Mom, I’m honored to be featured here. Really. I wonder sometimes if that is over used “I’m honored,” “I’m touched,” “I’m grateful,” etc… Or is it just not said enough? But, I enjoy your posts on a regular basis and I am sincerely honored that you found value in my post. It was written from my own experience, and was very raw. Some posts, just write themselves… that was one. That said, sometime I write them, send them out into the world, and then realize I am naked.

    Right now I am naked in Jerusalem, with lousy internet. A kick to see your post. Thanks Mom. xo

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