Trick the Brain Fantastic (Post 42)

I’ve been writing a lot of serious stuff lately.  So, I decided, today, to challenge myself.  I want to see if I can write an enjoyable post in the shortest amount of time as possible.  I’ve written posts at 4am – see here.  I’ve written long-assed posts that were episodics – see here.  Now, it’s time for the quickie, funny, post.  Can I do it?


My only requirements are that I do the whole thing in 25 mins.  From the typing I’m doing right now, to the upload and publish.  And I’m off…


I found today’s “inspiration” by searching using a couple of different terms in flickr.  I used “odd” “bizarre” “strange” and “weird” because I sort of love those types of things.  Here’s what I came up with and the thoughts that first hit one of my lobes when I saw them…


jello, jello shot, post idea


“Today is the day that JELLO gets even.”


When left too long, Ghostbuster jizz will form an ectoplasmic version of male genitalia.


Tickle me, mint-julep-finger.


Booger spawn.




“We aren’t just computer geeks here.  We are also drama geeks.”


“I’m not paying for a feckin’ rehearsal space at this uni when there’s a perfectly good low wall right there.”


Girl: Our first date was at the park. He played his homemade bass-drum and I danced in hi-tops.


Boy: When I hit the drum with my bow, take off the tutu.  It will get us out of that COBOL exam for sure.


Two winners of the annual:  “SCHOLARSHIP IN AWESOME.”


inpsirational sky clouds photograhy


“Nebula, hold my hand. I’m feeling a bit lower than you today.”


“Let’s make eyes in the sky again.  It’s fun to watch the humans thinking their having a religious experience.”


“God?”  “Yes, Joseph.”  “Do you think people will know we’ve ripped off the heavens scenes of It’s a Wonderful Life?”  “It’s of no concern, Joseph.  Everything original has been done these days.”


hot air balloons




Announcer:  “There seems to be nylon to nylon traffic today on the I-SKY-98.”


Man, this is what happens when you send out one tweet that reads, “balloons drink free.”


The flock of balloons didn’t take kindly to the flock of seagulls insult and decided to show the earth their strength.


If one more helium sucker cuts me off, I’m going to have a massive attack of balloon rage!




Soldier:  “I haven’t seen real women in so long. Please send that Nurse-Piggy-Feck-Doll  back this way.”


Florence Piggin-Dale


“Is this the casting call for Grey’s Anatomy?  I’m not saying I’ll have sex with every male doctor in the cast, but my friends have called me a pig…”


The angelic, nurse, pigs sent in by the Red Cross seemed to do wonders for the Cholera outbreak.


rainbow drip


Those who live in glasses penises, shouldn’t make smaller glass penises.


Crystal drop on acid.


Rainbow snot slowed down with a 67BRX8 lens.


Icicle in front of a rainbow flag as it appears in HD.


actiion figure, gamer, nerd


“Stop, in the name of love…before you break my rock line.”


In the great battle of the action figure, only “talk to the hand” man survived.


I have no superpowers other than those of INTERRUPTION.


I may be on my back, but I can still fight off intimacy.


gun nuts


Ted Nugent.


Porn for Piers Morgan.


“Don’t take away my right to lick guns.”


You should see my booth at the gun show, but bring some wet wipes. profile pic for:  NRABALLLICKER


And there you have it, my friends, a post in just about 25 mins.  Feel free to add your photo thoughts to the comments section below.  Have a wonderful weekend and remember, SWEET MOTHER LOVES YOU.



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photo creds:

gun-licker, action-figure, crystal-drip, green-jello, balloons, nurse-pig, clouds, mit


20 thoughts on “Trick the Brain Fantastic (Post 42)

  1. RAINBOW SNOT!!! HAHAHAHA I laughed all the way through this post hilarious. You are naturally funny innate it is you don’t need time r a script mate LOVED IT and Florence piggin dale hahaha x

  2. And related too….. You have slutty pig nurse and ted nugget so Florence piggin dale could catch cat scratch fever sleeping with the entire cast of…… Of course shed have to time travel being the piggy of the lamp lol

      1. :0D you don’t need a script. I think you’re like me you just see funny things the way joely osmund saw dead people lol my form of aspergers makes everything funny. People are absolutely funny as hell lmao. I could imagine someone at edinbourough festival a big name doesn’t turn up. Your wife shouts becky can do the hour you shouting in fear no no I haven’t got my material. They throw you out there and you goin well I’m here now I’ll just chat to them….crowd loves you…newspapers next day astounded at your talent. Hey saves writing scripts eh? Lol

      2. are you having a comment binge today, ems? looool. if i ever do the EDI fest again, you’ll be the first to know. did you ever read augusten burrough or david sedaris’s stories about their brothers with aspergers? fascinating reads. xoxox

      3. There are so many levels and forms of aspergers. I have an incredible IQ but the common sense of a 6 year old lol. I don’t understand a lot of the world but I know how it works. It’s the people that confuse me… Having said that it doesn’t bother me as much as when I was a kid. I just say things as I see them and people roar laughing thinking they are laughing WITH me lmao. It’s rare someone else makes me laugh but you daria O’brain and mrs browns boys do it everytime. If you haven’t seen mrs browns boys you have to see it it’s funny you would get but not sure it’s American humour. Your humour is very Irish funnily enough. Travels well to the uk. And yeah I do have comment dioreah today don’t I? Lmao. It’s always the same if I have a dream with heather or Diane or any mate in it I tend to have them stuck in my head so they get attention lol and you have been über kind and understanding to me, I prize that. Tomorrow I will aim to not mithering you hahahaha

  3. I need a laugh or ten this afternoon – thanks. I love the idea of googling words and being inspired by what you find. I have a friend who googled the words mountain, eclectic, and weird – the first location to come up was Eureka Springs Arkansas, so she packed up and moved here.

  4. I can’t remember the last time something I read made me laugh so hard that I had tears in my eyes and my son, Max, thought I was having some type of seizure or a stroke because my face was boiling BEET red and bloated from the lack of O2 (who knew that happened from laughing too hard?), and I had fountains of tears spilling from me eyes! THANK you for a much-needed BODY LAUGH (ya know when you whole body rocks from giggling?). And the GLASS PENIS! ‘TIS pure genius and PRICELESS…perhaps, you should consider standup? 🙂

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