Why I’m So Obsessed With Youtube Lately. Pet Project #3!

I think it comes as no surprise to the people who swing by here that I’m VERY obsessed with youtube lately.



I’ve been in the digital space for many years, starting with a fairly successful website back in 2000.


However, my digital pursuits have always been in some kind of written way and never in regards to video.


So, what has shifted?  A few things that I’ll mention below.


1.  Video is where the eyes are.  I can put a video up on my youtube page and within a day have a similar amount of views to a similar blog post, but the difference is it’s aggregate.  That video builds views and viewership over time.  More so than my blog posts really ever did.


2.  It’s where the ads are.  Who wants more ads?  I certainly don’t.  In fact, I haven’t even turned on the ads feature within my youtube channel because it would be pointless at this stage.  However, ads means there are eyes on the platform.  Ads are often how things in the digital space monetize and THAT is interesting to me.


3.  It’s still storytelling.  It’s a different type of storytelling, but it’s storytelling nonetheless.  Truth is, making a youtube video that’s decent takes me FAAAARRR longer than whipping up a blog post.  First, I come up with an idea, then I write a script, then I shoot it with the Wifesy, and then I edit the friggin’ thing.  And you thought blogging took up a lot of time?!  But, even with all of that…the platform holds an allure for me that I can no longer deny.  The pathways to creating have also decreased in astounding ways.  To give you an idea – I shoot EVERYTHING on my frickin’ phone!  Imagine even attempting that a few years ago.


4.  The process has evolved for me.  Whenever I start something, I usually suck at it.  It happened with blogging, comedy, and now video.  It’s not until the 2nd, 3rd, or sometimes even 4th attempt at a thing that I ever seem to get a handle on it.  It was definitely like that with blogging.  I started by editing other peoples’ funny stuff.  Then I wrote funny emails.  After that I had a tumblr blog that reeked of horrible for .05 seconds.  Followed by a “comedy business” blog that faired okay.  The last attempt was “Sweet Mother” – what you’re reading right now.  It certainly took a while for me to get it right.  If you look at my youtube trajectory, it has been similar.  First I made crazy animal videos and whatever else I could drum up that day, then I made a car vlog, then a how to/ inspiration sort of vlog, finally landing where I am now – a show with the Wifesy called, “The Pet Project.”  Lord knows I’m not having ANY kind of success yet, BUT I will say that I like this new idea.  For me, that’s part of it.  The idea has to feel right, which is why I start and then drop so many ideas so quickly.  I suppose it’s all part of my process.  Once I have that feel-right idea, the project seems to stick.  Pet Project feels this way.  That doesn’t mean it started off like any kind of award winning project.  I mean, at one point the Wifesy and I were trying to do comedy-ish things in front of hanging, pet-print, fabric!  (Thankfully, we’ve come to our senses on that one.)


Here, at Sweet Mother, I’ve always analyzed things whether it be life, a new social platform, or a quirky guy I met in a parking lot.  I believe I’ll be doing the same as I embark on this weekly youtube process.  It helps me to tease things out and lay them bare before you.  It makes my theories more solid.  Hopefully, it will help you in some small way too.


As always, thanks for reading…and now, thanks for watching!



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12 thoughts on “Why I’m So Obsessed With Youtube Lately. Pet Project #3!

  1. Ok – first of all. Best. Episode. Yet.!!! Except I missed hearing the vet advice at the end from Wifesy.

    My best football memory: When my team (the Redskins) won the Super Bowl – I think it was 1987 or 88 – and a friend and I drove home from a party and the whole city (DC) was going nuts with cars honking and people cheering.

    1. chhhhhhrystal! thanks so much for watching and your kind comments. and it’s good to hear that you like the vet stuff. we’re never sure what ppl like and what they don’t, so your comments REALLY help. as far as the superbowl, i like anything that has a social aspect to it and chicken wings, so it’s all good in my book! go redskins! 😉 sm

      1. My Wifesy used to work at a vet clinic (vet tech), and now does Pet Sitting full time. We also have a menagerie of 3 dogs and 5 cats, so any and all vet advice is welcome!

        We’re going to a SB party on Sunday, and we’re bringing chicken wings. If you can make it, you are more than welcome to join us! (We don’t live in DC any more – Memphis is now “home”) 🙂

      2. crhhhhhhhystal! ohhhhhhh, how similar our paths are. next time i’m in memphis, we hang. when i chomp on a chicken wing this sunday, i’ll think of you. and hugs to your wifesy, i think vet techs are awesome. 😉 sm

  2. It’s interesting hearing your creative process and how comfortable you are picking up and dropping ideas until you find what works for you. Good perspective to remember! Thanks.

  3. I truly do hate football, but watching you and Wifesy and the dogs having fun totally negated all the bad footie vibes.:D Footie is what we aussies call our homegrown version…cute, right? -rolls eyes- I’ll probably be disowned after this…

  4. My favorite FB memory is one of my Grandpa too. He didn’t curse during the game (He did refer to Days of our Lives as ” The Whores” – I spent my childhood believing a whore was someone who lived in Salem). It was the first Super Bowl and he asked me which team would win. I picked the green team. I was right. I have always chosen teams by color rather than geography ever since.

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