16 thoughts on “Ladies in the Winter Olympics and the Wifesy and I attempt Curling! Pet Project – Ep 4!

  1. I love how indifferent your Frenchie is while you’re talking about the gravitational pull of women’s vaginas. I thought that the amazing video work you did for Wifesy’ entrance was really high-tech. Almost made it look like she was just sitting up.

    1. we are regular cinematic geniuses when it comes to camerawork and the film school we went to was called, ‘film school for the lazy’. loooollllllllllllll. anyhoo, thank you oodles for watching j and t. and don’t think i don’t know you’re buying a house…cause i do! xoxo

  2. lmao – are you sure you didn’t write for the Dinosaurs? Oh wait, that was ‘hurling’. 😀 Another very funny episode, ladies. Well done. 🙂

      1. -grin- I think it’s that element of fun that comes through loud and clear, and makes the project so enjoyable for us. You two [I mean four] make a great team. 🙂

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