Writing to Music: Scissor Sisters

Right now I’m writing as the deliciously drawn out crooning of the chorus, “Shady Love, Shady Love, Shady Loooooahhhaahhhaahhhvvvveee” echoes through my speakers.  I feel a certain vibe right now, so I decided to try my hand at writing to music.  Most of the time, I don’t.  Mainly, because I need to think and the music can be a big distractor for me.  But, today I’m trying to write WITH the music to see what it does.


The number one author who writes to music in my book is Stephen King.  If you’ve read his book, “On Writing” you’ll know that writing to music is a common practice for King.  He writes to the heavier stuff:  AC/ DC, Guns N’ Roses, etc, I believe.  And I’m paraphrasing here, but I have this distinct memory of what King says about writing to music, “I use it as a way to wall off and go deeper.  I use the music as a way to shut the rest of the world out.”  This makes perfect sense to me.  Next time you read King, think of some hard rock, as you read.  It’s not hard to see that the “tempo” of his writing is consistent with that type of music.


“I want to get my Shady Love.  I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna get my Shady Love.”


That’s what I’m hearing right now.  It’s a new song from the Scissor Sisters, which means the vibe of this post should be decidedly gayer.  As I’m writing right now, my thoughts are of clubs, cocktails, scantily clad men in sequenced speedos – you know, Go-Go boys.


Everyone likes pretty things…


And that thought process reminds me of the movie trailer I’ve been seeing lately for Matthew McConaughey’s new film, “Magic Mike.”  It looks like “Showgirls” with dudes.  It’s basically a Chippendales movie as far as I can see.  Wifesy and I watched the trailer and we both said, “That movie is CHA-CHING…It’s going to make dough.  Every straight girl in Peoria and Tucson is going to go see it.”  Then Wifesy said, “Sh*t, I’m not even into that dude-stuff, but I might want to go see Matthew McCoughney shake it.”


I was VERY surprised by her comment.  So surprised that I did a spit take with my pellegrino, which burns by the way.  You see Wifesy and I are married – awesomely and willingly – into a lifetime of each other’s “lady gardens,” but we’re not dead.  We still have eyes.


I just didn’t think McConaughey would be in her taste range.


Matthew in “Magic Mike.”


If I were to talk about a man I wouldn’t mind seeing scantily clad it would be someone dirtier.  I like dirty-sexy dudes.  You know, like a Benecio del Toro, but without the arroz con pollo belly or a Gael Garcia Bernal basically doing anything.  He can be eating a Sloppy Joe for all I care.  I’d watch him do anything.  Fine, it’s clear I have a Latin fetish.  So, if I were to define my perfect Chippendale, it would definitely be a naked man with the stage name, “Fuego.”  He’d probably be in firefighter gear.  I know, so hack.  But, a vag does and thinks what it wants.  It’s the heart that keeps things all committed-like.


…or maybe something like this. “Hi, Papi!”


These are the thoughts that flit through my head as I write this.  Gay club on a beach thoughts.  Sun, surf, go-go boys, and Charlize Theron.  I don’t know why Charlize, but let’s face it, as my current boss says, “Charlize is like a perfect cough drop.”  I suppose that means he wants to suck on her for hours?  I don’t know.


THE cure for the common cold.


God only knows where my thoughts would go if I were listening to Enya right now.  This would probably be a weepy post about my vag and my feelings and the plight of the almost extinct mountain lion.  Thankfully, for you, I’m listening to Jake Shear sing and shake his man-parts around.  And let me tell you, he uses those man-parts as if they were maracas when he performs.  One may even be out of his shorts.  The man doesn’t care and I respect that.


C’mon, this is so good. So good!


I’m in a wheely chair at my desk, typing, and shaking my lower half.  Literally, if you didn’t know me, and if I were in a video right now, shot from the waist up, you’d think I was taking some kind of wheelchair-bound, jazzercise class in my apartment.  I’m giving that shaky-bottom exercise chair that lets you hulu at your desk a run for its money.


What a-hole invented this? Sometimes I think they create these things just for comedians.


So, what about you?  Do you ever write to music or do you need it quiet?  Let me know below.  And just remember if I were into dudes, I’d want this to steal a line from the new Scissor Sister album to describe my wants… “(I’d want) a man who smells like coco butter and cash…”  But, I’m not, I’m into Wifesy, who thank god smells like fresh bread and a warm duvet.


Okay, not really, but you know…I was listening to music when I wrote this.



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64 thoughts on “Writing to Music: Scissor Sisters

  1. Okay, this is some kinda weird cosmic thing. My today’s post has music all over it. AND a link to one of your posts earlier this week. Just pubbed minutes ago. I too listen to music when I write, although sometimes I have to do classical because lyrics get stuck in my head and I cannot write until I clear the cache. : ) Great fun post today!!! : )

    1. glad you liked it, honie. i’m FINALLY at home today and it definitely helps my writing to be in front of my desk and not at the pressure place known as ‘studio’. lol. nah, it’s not that stressful, but it’s nice to get back to my blog. and your post sounds so interesting! i’m heading over to read now! xo, sm

    2. Same here – classical or at least big orchestral with no lyrics that I can understand. I’m currently obsessed with the music of Two Steps from Hell 🙂

  2. I absolutely cannot write and/or read while listening to music. In fact, I cannot do most things while listening to music. I focus too much on the music and what’s going on. I wish I could, but I can’t. Definitely not.

    1. i SOOOOOO hear you. sometimes i really need to focus and i have to shut everything out. so, if a neighbor is playing a keyboard even at the sound of a whisper it will drive me nuts. but, strangely, every now and again i can do it. but, i DEFINITELY think it changes the mood or feel of what i write. i can NOT though for the life of me understand how stephen king does it with hard, thrashy music — all the while paying attention to plot and structure, etc. it’s interesting tho…

  3. Music used to be essential for anything artistic I was doing, painting, sculpting, making hemp bead necklaces. Back in the day of CD clubs by mail, I could get all the cool kid music delivered right to my door, which was about 100 km from the nearest mall. Music helped fill the void, mirror my emotions, and kept me company on solo road trips to the oil field and home again.

    Now all I hear are cartoon tunes because my kids take over every TV in the house. Right now I have this stuck in my head:

    “I’ve got everything that I neee-eed, right in front of me. Life’s a happy song, when there’s someone there to sing along….” from the Muppets. Darn Amy Adams!

    Have you seen Whip It? It was made in Austin 🙂 And stars director Drew Barrymore *sigh*

    1. i’ve totes seen ‘whip it’ – sort of a bad movie, but with an amazing cast. i love austin. i’ve only been there once, but it was like an awesome little enclave of coolness in texas…i want to go back. yeah, i think when you have kids it changes the ball game, but then they grow and suddenly you’re listening to lady gaga all over again. loolll. much love, sm

  4. I like it quiet when I write, which is strange, since I love listening to music almost any other time. But I suppose if I listened while writing, I would be up dancing around, and, well, that just wouldn’t get me anywhere. Of course, it would burn some of those too-long-at-the-computer ass calories…

    1. if YOU listened to music, wrote, read, and walked on the treadmill, i’d call the justice league because you would truly be superhuman. even tho i think you already are for reading on the treadmill. i think my face would eat the converyor belt at one point if i did that. sigh. i can’t always do the writing to music thing, but sometimes it works… 😉 sm

  5. Matthew McConaghey has never ever done a thing for me. Charlize Theron does it for me more than he does. She’s pretty smokin’ hot.

    I usually listen to music when I’m writing. It has to be something fast and/or blaring. But I can’t do classical or Enya or anything like that for writing, way too slow. I find that the energy of the music sort of helps me jog my brain loose. I wrote a lot of my blog entries last week while listening to Donna Summer. But today I’m listening to a lot of Clash.

    1. charlize is like a ridiculous hot-a-tron. she’s so good looking, it’s like it’s not real. she also seems like a decent human being, which is a hard balance to reach, it seems. i attribute this to her south africaness. um, as far as listening to BOTH donna summer and the clash, you are a music lover after my own heart, as i would listen to the same. i’m telling you, we’re going to meet up when i’m next in new york… seems it would be stupid not to at this point. 😉 sm

  6. I can only write to instrumental music. If there are lyrics I can’t concentrate at all. That being said, I’ll do a lot of movie soundtracks. Planet of the Apes (the Tim Burton version because I like anything by Danny Elfman) Hero, the Last Samurai, etc, etc.

    You got me thinking in reverse though … my lady bits like penis, but there are some women who truly do it for me. That I’d swing for the home team for …

    Lauren Hill
    Nicole Lyn (Dule Hill’s wife, damn she has to be the best looking female ever!)
    Noomi Rapace

    Yeah, I’d totally go gay for them 😉

    Love you momma!

    1. Gills, I’m so with you on Noomi Rapace and Wifesy and I are losing our minds over the release of “Prometheus” — i mean noomi and ridley scott and aliens??!!! we may lose our dorky minds. lol. i like that you write to instrumental stuff because when i’m really trying to get a point across, i can’t have lyrics either. it’s funny how that works… so, i’m glad you said WHAT soundtracks you listen to, as i could use some suggestions…much love, sm

  7. I can’t write to music. It’s like trying to juggle more than 1 ball for me, and even 1 ball usually gives me problems.

    1. ok, lance armstrong of blogging. wink, wink. sorry, couldn’t help myself with the lame one-ball joke. i hear you, tho, i can NOT always write to music. every now and again i can, but if it have to really think…i can’t. sigh. wish i could. it sounds awesome what king does. i picture him at a mammouth desk churning out stuff at a rapid clip with a hard-assed soundtrack playing in the background like some kind of deranged inventor…

      1. Funny you should joke about testicles. I have a funny story to write about that will require me to break my vacation hiatus. Might be out Tommorrow.

  8. OMGeeee! I ♥ Scissor Sisters! “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” is the ring-tone on my phone. ♥
    I really like writing to music, too. It’s usually either: MCR (My Chemical Romance), Bowie, the Jam, or Scissor Sisters. ♥
    …then there are days I write while watching “Supernatural”… ♥
    VW ♥

    1. ok, veggies, i tried commenting on your post last night and my phone c*ck-blocked me, but i think it’s hilarious that your children talk as if they were speaking directly out of the ‘lion, witch, and the wardrobe’ series. or so it sounded to me!!! lol. i just thought that was awesome. secondly, i f’en love the scissor sisters. wifesy and i even bought tickets to see them in LA next weekend and i can’t wait. i think i’m gearing up to see them by listening to them so much like some kind of crazed teenager. i can’t help it. their music makes momma feel good!!! love you, veggies, love you. xo, sm

  9. I think I can totally related to Stephen King then. I find that if I am writing something with monsters, Godsmack is my favorite. Particularily for vampires.

    1. okay, san luis obispo is one of my FAVE songs on the album and this has never happened before with a song, but it makes me want to go there. he makes it sound like a goddermned paradise. i’m seriously gonna make wifesy take me…it sounds boozy and californian and chill…and i like those things. 😉

  10. I write to the music of my children screaming “mom!!!!!”. I think I could write to music for all the reasons you list. And might I just say I have a major thing for Benicio too. *drool*

  11. I find music a huge distraction…unless its classical music. I’m usually not into classical music at all- but I find it very calming and it helps me concentrate and focus. Even when writing about music (my blog focuses on songs) I do not listen to that whilst writing… hey this straight girl from *peoria* can totally appreciate some beautiful ladies- I find Beyonce and JLO stunning and very sexy… and yeah, I am so totally gonna go see Magic Mike…. ;o)

    1. lol. i think a lot of broads are going to see ‘magic mike.’ the gays – like myself – are going to wait until it comes out on video. looooool. you know it’s interesting that a lot of people are saying they can write to music, but only if it doesn’t have words. i understand that. and i wonder if it’s a brain thing…you’re thinking of words, so those other words f you up…something like that. it would be an interesting study. oh dear god, not another study! lol.

  12. That has to be the most romantic way possible to tell someone they smell like yeast and blankets. Loved reading this SM. Thanks for throwing in the pic of Charlize btw, In case I keel over dead right now, I would hate for my last image to be of a leather clad wiener.

    1. okay, that comment made me laugh out loud, simon. you are hilarious. and yes, of course, a chick-pic. i always take care of my lesbos and straight dudes which is almost the same thing brain-wise. lol! i know, wifesy is going to yell at me when she reads the ‘warm bread and duvet’ line…i just know it. i may be sleeping the the bread aisle at ralph’s from here on out. ay yay yay. 😉

  13. Sweet Mom i never write without music…infact im so into music that i know i wouldn’t survive a minute in my office without my headphones ,..
    currently am writing a story titled Dominique and i have few selected songs that i need need need to listen while writing..they act as the background score of my story giving me the real picture of my story ..

    this weekend, i closed my eyes and heard this one song by Florence and The Machine 3-4 times while trying to picture the entire scene in my mind…i was basically working on an intense scene of my story..

    1. i hear you, lil miss. it seems to help some writers. others are totally annoyed by it. it’s one extreme or the other really. sounds interesting your story… xo, sm

    2. I have to have the music as well 🙂 I know it becomes a sort of white noise after a while but it’s white noise that focuses me while at the same time hitting my emotions and letting the images flow.

  14. SM,

    I’ve gotta have quiet. And not even Starbuck’s quiet or babbling brook quiet. I’m talking coffin quiet. Scary quiet. Which is why I may never finish my book. =)

    Favorite line:

    “God only knows where my thoughts would go if I were listening to Enya right now. This would probably be a weepy post about my vag and my feelings and the plight of the almost extinct mountain lion.”

    You amaze me with your ability to crank out the best of the best.

    1. you are very nice to me. me and my vag need it. she’s very weepy, my lady garden. comments like this stop her from taking control and i am VERY grateful for that, my friend. very grateful. xo, sm

  15. Ha! I love it. I tend to listen to depressing music when I write, and it results in really melodramatic fiction/romance, so I’ve learned to go the silent route 😉

    I think Charlize is on everyone’s list. Although when I did my Top 5 last summer (because what else is there to blog about in July besides who we want to see naked on True Blood?), it was Mila Kunis battling it out against Brody Jenner. You’re so right; the vag has a mind of its own.

    1. P.S. – Has Wifesy heard about Matthew and his supposed lack of deodorant? I think that would seriously mess with her duvet/freshly-baked bread scent.

      1. i’m SO going to tell her that. we’re not into the smellys…there’s a couple of celebs that rumor has it have that ‘issue’….lol.

    2. ok, mila kunis, i’m SO with you. especially in that damned ‘black swan’. stupid not in that and there’s this youtube video where she tells off a russian reporter in russian while justin timberlake looks on helplessly…there was just something about it that was AWESOME!!

  16. There is always music playing in my house. My child even screams for music in the car – I get odd looks because my 2 year gets out of a car with the sound of the Cure, or even lady Gaga.

  17. Great post Mum. Withered and old I may be but Matthew McC does it for me 😀 And now everyone knows why I should never write poetry!

  18. I listen to Sister Christian and reenact the actions of Alfred Molina in Boogie Nights before every blog post. I’ve only shot myself in the ankle twice. Totally worth it.

    1. noooooooooooooooo! loooooolll. and yet, yeeeeesssssssss! that’s what your comments do to me, deuling emotions in the best possible way. he, he, ha, ha, hoo, hooo. xo, sm

  19. Not even going to read this before I start complaining. WTF? Why aren’t straight guys that hot? For crying out loud!!

    1. Now that I’ve read I will expound upon that thought: Matthew McConaughey is the epitome of my highlight reel; your Wifesy has good taste, which says a lot about YOU, Sweet Mama, you must be quite the dish. And if I dabbled in the lady-pool, I would agree with your boss about Charlize Theron.

  20. Gotta be quiet, which is a major challenge with kiddies around. My office is situation next to my son’s room. My son is a major music lover and 16 years old. While he has really great taste in music, it is completely distracting. So, I travel around the house with the laptop when son is home. Now, as for naked men, I’d like to see Zac Efron.

  21. I hadn’t thought of this before as I usually say I need quiet to write, but often I am inspired by some music. I can hear a song and a post comes to me … complete. If I start to write and play the music I was listening to, it writes itself.

  22. Most of the time, I like quiet. If I do write to music, it has to be something I know very well and won’t find distracting. And I agree with you on Gael Garcia Bernal, he can do anything and still be hot. He can be a woman in Bad Education and still be the hottest thing about that twisted film!

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