Do You Write in Bulk? And the Winners Are…

Okay, I know that headline sounds like some kind of PSA imploring you to eat your fiber, but it’s not.  It’s just a simple question, “Do You Write in Bulk?”


Writing in bulk is the best blogging advice that I received before blogging in earnest.  It’s advice that I never took.  Now, I try to write in bulk when I can.  Say, if I’m going away, I try to advance-plan and schedule a bunch of posts to publish in advance.  But, it’s not easy because no matter what you do, writing in bulk means writing more than one post in a day.  And sometimes writing more than one post in a day is truly difficult.


I like to think that bulk writing is so hard because I write so many good posts and those strong posts are so draining.  I wish that was the reason!  It’s not.  It’s the ideas that are hard.  Once I have an idea, if I think about the post for a bit, I’ve got the content.  After all, writing is really thinking on paper.


But, if I don’t have any ideas then bulk writing is like pulling teeth.

Writing more to blog less? It’s a theory.


A lot of the time it’s because I don’t know if the subject itself has enough meat.  That’s true of this post for example.  Is the subject of “writing in bulk” enough for a whole post or is it truly a short question that I should’ve left in a blogging forum somewhere?  Like on Bloggers Anonymous…the forum for bloggers who truly over-think this baloney.


When I first started blogging, I read a lot of Chris Guillebeau’s blog.  In Chris’s “279 Days to Overnight Success” he talks about having some “posts in the pocket” for the days you can’t write due to other commitments or maybe because you just can’t feel that muse.


The other reason to bulk write — you can let the writing marinate.  If you can write something and put it away, when you read it the next day, you can always fix it quicker and better.


Letting a piece sit almost ensures the writing will be stronger.  But, if you’re posting every day or on a schedule and you have a full time job, that’s just not always possible.  Sometimes you have to hit publish even if the piece is not fully there.


Other strong reasons to write in bulk:


It helps you focus your blog.


It helps you keep the writing quality very high.


It helps you accumulate a lot of content, which means people will come back to your blog.  If there’s something new, they will come more frequently.  Not to mention, the searching-bots will love you.  More content means higher search value.


Anyway, those are my thoughts on writing in bulk.  As always, let me know what you think in the comments section.


HOLD ON!!  Before I finish this post entirely, it’s time to reveal the winners of my MOTHER OF A CAPTION CONTEST.


The rules were simple.


The top 3, best jokes get either a Reggie profile or a copy of my comedy CD.


You can enter as much as you like.


Today, I announce the winners.  And if you did win, please let me know if you’d like a Reggie Profile of your blog or a downloadable version of my comedy CD.  The choice is yours.


This was the photo…


And let me just say it was REALLY hard to pick only three…




“IT’S A BOY!”Kathy V


“Biggest splash since Pearl Harbor!”  — bharatwrites


“I haven’t used one of these since I had my tits packed, Maria.  Thank God we kept our cocks!!”  — australianperfumejunkies


Tomorrow will be a another MOTHER OF A CAPTION CONTEST.  Check back to leave your joke.  As the lottery says, “You gotta be in it to win it.”


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64 thoughts on “Do You Write in Bulk? And the Winners Are…

  1. Wow! I finally got to be the first to like a post… Not sure how that happened, but being up early on the west coast pays off, once in a while. Really helpful post Mom. I’ve thought a lot about this, but haven’t taken the initiative and written extra posts. Then, I’m behind the eight ball when (like recently) I’m in a bit of a slump and I’m struggling to find my mojo. There have been a few big days when I’ve managed to write more than updates on the trip to Peru (those posts have taken longer than the trip!), but if I wrote and held onto them, it would be a win win for sure. Thanks for putting it out there. Very good advice.

    1. That’s so funny about your Peru posts taking longer than the trip. The same has happened to me. I was in Peru for three weeks in March and I’m STILL writing about it! (admittedly I should have written in bulk more as I totally spazzed on posting these last two weeks, but I now have posts about Colca Canyon in the hopper!).

    2. my pleasure, second momma. it’s a racket, for sure. i fight with this all the time. for ex, wifesy’s off for the next few days and i’d like not to have to be at the computer all morning, every morning. so, i’m trying to post them in advance today. we’ll see if i can do it. sigh. much love, sm

  2. I do it sometimes. It really helps when I’m in an idea drought. When I discovered you could schedule posts here at WP it was like the heavens opened and angels were singing in my ear. Yes, I am easily amused.

    1. I’ve come across scheduling before but I don’t know how to do it. Is it something really simple that I just can’t see for looking? Or is it complicated? Either way could you point me in the right direction! Thanks, Meeks.

      1. Well, I will just take the liberty of answering this one… no, it’s not complicated at all. On your draft post, under the “publish” column, I think it defaults to “Publish: Immediately” and next to that there is an “edit” button. Use the edit button to schedule your post. :>

      2. To the left of the Publish button it says Publish Immediately. Next to that is a blue edit link. Click on edit and it will give you the option to publish the post at another day and time. When you set that click OK and then the publish button on the right will say Schedule. Click that and all is set. I hope that helps.

      3. glad you got this worked out. it is simple, but not easy to see at first. it will save you a lot of headache though. write when you want and have it publish at a completely different time. it’s awesomesauce. xo, sm

  3. Hmm. I have never tried writing in bulk, but it sounds like a good plan especially since I’m headed back to full-time work in a week and will likely need to bulk up on fiber over the weekends so I can produce those sweet recraps on my blog during the week.

  4. Yay! I won! I love winning things! Since I get to choose my prize, I would like a Reggie Profile, please. I will strive to win your comedy album with another picture.

  5. I’ll draft posts as I get ideas for them, adding to them as I get more ideas. But I’ve never been able to write up 10 or more posts in full except when I started blogging. Now the post ideas don’t come so easily! But I do try to write down the bare bones when I find them.

  6. I will scribble down things and make notes and hope that I remember where my head/thoughts were when I scribble it down. Sometimes I’m writing stuff for other people (and face it, that’s not always the most enjoyable thing), but that’s about the extent of writing in bulk for me I guess. Notes, notes, notes on future blogs.

    Congrats to the winners btw. All well-deserved. I follow Kathy V, good gawd, she’s quick/funny and now you’ve given me two others to check out. Thanks moms. You rock. xxoo.

    1. it’s always my pleasure, briges. i’m so annoyed that the link goes to your gravatar for me. i need my own personal wordpress assistant to handle this! loool. i need easy access to my fave blogs at all times!!! 😉

  7. All three of those captions are fecking hilarious. I don’t think I would have been able to choose just one among them either.

    I don’t write in bulk because I’m worried that it will take me too much time. But lately I haven’t really felt as inspired to write as much in general. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, though, so that it I won’t feel like I’m constantly doing blog things.

    1. Just a thought M.Weebles but perhaps you could put funny/interesting/inspiring videos/music/whatever that you come across online into posts and just leave them as drafts for a rainy day. Not quite bulk writing but great as a fall back when inspiration doesn’t strike.

  8. I am sitting a Starbucks currently trying to write a few posts for the upcoming week! I think you are absolutely right, bulk writing is key to not being chained to your computer constantly! Plus, like you said, it’s much easier to revise a post once you’ve left it alone for a little bit. I admire your determination for 365 posts SM! Thanks for the tips.

  9. I keep meaning to do it, but I never do. I especially wanted to do it for my newspaper column, but that’s a moot point now as my column was cut for budgetary reasons.

  10. writing in bulk requires alot talent and lots of dedication… Sweet Mom you are always inspiring
    Never done bulk writing but yes i do wish i had additional backups for the days its hard for me to upload reason i cant write in bulk is am that my posts are more of a diary entry …

  11. OMG!! Sweet Mother, you are awesome! I would like Downloadable YOU please. And a 1 line nod to the blog please. Greedy, I know.
    I write in bulk on Fridays because it’s my only free day. I try to get 4 blog posts done but usually only get 2, with a couple of opening paragraphs and headings. I like the way I don’t reuse words as much if I write same day. It feels like I’m slacking if gorgeous/delicious/magical appear more than once. Know what I mean?
    THANK YOU for writing your mad shit every day,
    Portia xx

    1. portia! i totes know what you mean. ;0 and i think you are the bestest. i need your email address to send you the downloadable code. And OF COURSE, i will mention your blog as well. probably in the first reggie winner’s profile. send me your email here – and i’ll get you that cd. much love, sm

  12. Bulk blogging?? Are you kidding me? I am happy if I manage one post per week! I just admire people like you, who are able to knock out such quality posts day after day, it takes such talent and skill. To me its not so much what to write about (well, music blogging is easy, there is music everywhere) but rather- what to say??…lol….

    1. it’s not easy, mixtape. that’s for sure. for any of us. and believe me, i’ll be going down to less posts once i hit my 365. lool. i’ll need the break. and thank you for the quality posts comment. i try and don’t always succeed. but, i feel elated when i do. much love, sm

  13. Wonderful advice indeed, Sweet Mother! I’ve been dragging my feet on starting my own blog but my girlfriend has a beautiful heartfelt blog from the perspective of the LGBT Christian community and I think you gave some super solid advice I intend to share with her as soon as she wakes up. I on the other hand may be perusing your blog some more since I can’t seem to sleep….

    1. well, hello, toni and WELCOME to the insanity. blogging has been a great thing for me. i’m not sure how long i’ll do it, but i’m sincerely glad that i did. hope to see you (and your gf’s new blog) around here some more! much love, sm

  14. Congratulations to the winners of the caption contest! Loved all three 😀

    And grats on another thoughtful post Mum. I write in bulk sometimes but rarely like the result. However you are so right about letting an idea rest. I will often go back to a draft post and suddenly get what it was that I was trying to say [and failing to say in the original]. Then its anchors away. 🙂

  15. When I started writing my blog in January 2010, I had a few posts stashed away “just in case” because, back then, I was blogging three times a week. Working fulltime and maintaining some semblance of a social life while cranking out posts three times a week almost killed me. This year, I’ve cut back to publishing on average twice a week. I also always have ideas for future posts percolating in my head, but often enough, ideas for posts just happen. Lucky for me that my “brand” is Lame Adventures and silly things either happen to me or I do silly things myself regularly.

    1. lame, i need to frequent your blog more. because i’m guessing you are anything but…lame that is. i am with you. blogging is a time consuming animal. you really have to dedicate what you want to it. and after i complete my 365 posts, i’m going to go down to a few a week too. when it comes to post ideas, i’m the same. i write them down somewhere or type them into my phone to explore later. much love, sm

  16. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If I am working to a series I may write in bulk to break it up. To hard to think most days though, ideas don’t come as easily as they once did.

  17. Congrats to the winners!

    I guess I write in semi-bulk. I can barely manage posting once a week (with the occasional midweek reblog of someone else’s bright idea), but when I do write, it flows pretty easily so there are often two or three works in progress.

    I keep a magical note pad in my yahoo in which I am continually adding blog ideas. I also try to mix up my content so it’s a good balance of old, new, cooking, relationships, stuff.

    More challenging has been keeping up with blogs I follow, maintaining that sense of community, reading, commenting, etc. I don’t know how bloggers with thousands of followers do it!


    1. more importantly, wandering, i never got your email that you came to the show! bummer. it could be that it’s buried in my google. i’m going to have to clean that out. but, so bummed i missed you guys. i even waited for a while during john’s set. anyhoo. i hope you enjoyed it. it’s always fun that club. much love, sm

      1. Ahhh… we didn’t try looking for you until after John’s set… (seemed rude to get up during).

        Sorry we missed you, too!

        It was a great show tho! :>

      2. glad you enjoyed it. i should’ve given you my number to text me or something. that was stupid on my part and i’m really sorry i missed you guys. next time, the show’s on me. much love, sm

  18. Thank you for picking me! I’d like a Reggie reader profile.
    As for writing in bulk, I don’t do it. If I have finished a post, I will put it up. But my Drafts folder does have unfinished stuff that I ‘get back to’ when I have time.

  19. I always have a bunch of things to say one day and then nothing for several days. But I’m never smart enough to use that scheduling feature to publish them on different days. I’ve had a few really indepth ideas. But I never find the time to really work on them properly. One turned into a book idea on the whitewashing of Robber Barons into Captains of Industry and how it’s possible our current problems economic problems under a free market system may be traced back to the fact that our modern economic system was based on rampant corruption that was swept under the carpet. Wow. What a long sentence!

    1. you know, urban, i will work on things and then put them away and work on them some more later. i even do that with posts sometimes. it’s something i learned from stand up. if you can’t figure out the ending to a joke, if you go back later with a fresh head, often, you’ll have it. so, i say starting stuff and finishing it later is a good thing. but, you’ve gotta finish it. that’s key. ;0 xo, sm

  20. This is helpful, but I do have a question. You mentioned publishing even if the post didn’t seem completely finished in order to maintain frequency of postings (I take it). You advocate quantity over quality? Or are you simply saying some post will never be perfect so you just have to post and move along?

    1. i think the latter. we are all a little too perfectionist, maybe. and i think we are also our own worst critics. so, most of the time i go with publish it. of course, there are things i have not published because i try to go for high standard posts, posted frequently. but, here’s the thing also, i will go back and edit stuff from months ago. literally. because i think of this space as part of my portfolio. not all of it, but definitely part. i think at the end of the day, it’s a personal choice, but thank you for the great comment, becca. xo, sm

  21. I’m doing a new blog series where I’m copying down all of my travels diaries, and since those don’t require any brain power I’m attempting to write those in bulk. Keyword here is attempting, since after only three I’ve appeared to fall off the blog wagon again!

    1. i so hear you, mo. i do a bunch and then i want to feck off blogging for a couple of days and i miss one entirely. like when i was up in sf, wifesy came towards the end of the week, so i bulk posted friday – tuesday, but by wednesday i still needed another day and didn’t post… it’s a tough one. truly. also, it was so great meeting you and yours at that crazy show. i was flattered and delighted that you came. much love, sm (or that other name i use….lol.)

      1. I know I had a fantastic time seeing you perform! Zac is usually not so into standup, but I dragged him with me and I think he enjoyed it even more than I did!

      2. oh, i’m so glad to hear that! tell him i’m not always into watching stand up either! loool. but, seriously i’m so glad you came. xoxo

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